MADE MAN® Grooming Products for the Modern Man

The Made Man® product line was created and conceived by a Makeup Artist and a Psychotherapist.  Jill Harth, the Makeup Artist and Susan Jacobson, the psychotherapist have collaborated and partnered up based on our wealth of experiences with the aesthetics of working on the outside of a male and the inner workings of the male psyche.  The truth is men want to look good and they are just as concerned as women in their desire to look good.  

Ms. Harth has assembled a line that can be used by actors, models, performers or any man of any age who wants to subtly camouflage their flaws. Jill has learned from working on men for television, photo shoots and from life experience that many men are evolved enough and open enough to at least try a product to improve their appearance.

Jill can teach any man how to use the products to give a very effective and natural looking result. 



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