Pore Perfecting Peel Off Mask
Pore Perfecting Peel Off Mask
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Pore Perfecting Peel Off Mask

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Pore Perfecting Peel Off Mask is a cooling clay mask that helps deep clean your complexion and peel away dull surface cells, dirt and debris.  It's enriched with algae-based skin tighteners to instantly refine the appearance of pores.   It also has an advanced humectant complex to hydrate and refresh your skin.  

How to use: It's so cool to use!, literally and figuratively. Apply to clean, dry skin. Slather on a thick even layer of the sea blue green clay mask and apply all over the face.   Relax with it at least 10 minutes or more to completely dry out the mask or when the cooling effect starts to subside. Then smile wide to loosen the mask and gently peel off from the neck area upward to reveal newly radiant skin.  Rinse with warm water to remove any residual mask.   Follow up with mositurizer or a night cream. 

Whats In It: Active ingrents are Witch Hazel and Lentil Seed Extracts tighten and gradually work on the appearance of enlarged pores. The effective combination of extracts help minimize sebum production. Kaolin, an active clay, is mineral-rich and highly absorptive. It acts like a magnet to draw out deep dwelling pore-cloggers. Used for centuries, clay boasts beauty benefits for skin by drawing oil and dirt and other harmful toxins from skin's surface. 

 JILL says: If the mask doesn't peel off easily then it's not dry yet.  It definitely peels off nicely using two hands. Try starting at the neckline pulling upwards. Once you get start peel upward.  You will enjoy the gratifying feeling of pulling all that gunk out of your skin! I know I do!

Another Tip: Especially great for oily skin, acned skin, or anyone with blackheads.  Use at least one a week to keep excess sebum from clogging your pores.  ~ Jill 

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