Chubby Foundation Brush
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Chubby Foundation Brush

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This Chubby Foundation Brush is absolutely  awesome to apply foundation quickly and smoothly as a base coat.  

My application technique: apply the least amount of foundation you think you need. Apply a small amount to the forehead, cheeks and chin then   Do downward Brush strokes to smooth the skin evenly.  Blend well and into neck area. Foundation should match the neck.  Keep adding layers until you have your desired result.  Check it in different lights and angles of your face  

TIP: for eyes, under eyes and by nose and corners of the eye, use a smaller foundation /concealer brush so you can get into all the nooks and crannies of your face.  You need a small gentler brush in these delicate areas  

 Wipe clean. It’s also great for apply masques, moisturizers and serums. ~ Jill 

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