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15 Makeup Tips for the Working Actor

Jill Harth Beauty to give 7% of all profits from product sales to Fight for Women's Civil Rights January 27 2017, 0 Comments

Some of you may have come to website to support me from my plight with the new President, Donald Trump. TO those who have posted comments and support to me, I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.  It has fuelled my ability to continue to move on from the ordeal.

To those who aren't aware: Briefly put, I filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump or sexual assault and sexual harassment  in 1997. It was filed in New York. Ultimately, I pulled the complaint as a condition to settle a breach of contract lawsuit that my employer had against Donald Trump and the Trump Organization. I didn't want to back then but I had to.  I was worn down emotionally from the stress of all the damage created from knowing and working with man.I wasn't in good financial shape or independent, either.

But last February, 2016   it was uncovered and posted online by It was a nightmare for me.  I felt violated and a painful thing for me personally because I had never told most people about it.  I had to keep moving forward with my life post divorce in 1998. To a large extent, I buried deep in my psyche what had happened to me with Trump when I worked with him as an event producer for a company called American Dream Enterprises based in Boca Raton, Florida  in 1992.  My personality type is that I strive to look at the good in every situation, it not at first or during the event that's happening but definitely afterwards. I'm also a forgiving person and I thought people had the ability to change.  In a nutshell, I forgave him and decided to move on.  Naively, I thought Trump was that type of person too.  After all, I thought we had both moved on and considered him to be on friendly terms with me as he had settled the breach of contract suit.  He repeatedly extended the olive branch afterwards.  Then comes March, 2016.  He speaks to the papers and press and immediately accuses me of lying about all my claims.  I did not.  He just said what he did to protect his own hide and campaign.  Trump or his minions never for one minute thought what the impact his falsehoods would affect me, nor did he care. So, I did various interviews to defend myself.  I received some great love and support through emails, comments, social media and other outlets for doing it, but also an intense amount of hate filled diatribes. Damage has occurred to me in many ways. 

So, why I am telling you this?  After all this and what I've gone through I am forever changed.  So here's what I want to do to help others who want to fight back and stick up for themselves who don't have the funds or support to do it.  I am going to donate 7% of the profits off all my product sales to various Go Fund Me sites to defend the rights of women in situations as I've face. Right now it's not a lot, but every little bit helps. The more products I sell, the more I can give back.  

If you read this all to the end, THANK YOU.  

Please feel free to contact me directly to share your story or any questions about products, too.  

Wishing you all love, light, and strength. 

JIll Harth



Here's What Should Be in your Makeup Kit December 14 2016, 0 Comments

No matter your age, there are basic essential cosmetic products every woman should have in her makeup kit.  It's important to know how to put your look together and having the right tools and products in it will make it easy and quick to make up your face.  I suggest starting a kit with classics that suit and flatter you. 

Must haves:

* Moisturizer with SPF:  It protects your skin and also forms a soft supple skin. Apply a layer of moisturizer and let it sink in a little.  

* Concealer: Select one that matches your skin tone as closely as possible.  If it's too light it will bring puffiness. Concealers come in all kinds of formulas. Pick the type with packaging you like.  I like the ones with built in brighteners to minimize darkness and puffiness.

* Tinted Moisturizer or foundation:  An even complexion makes you look flawless and younger.  Pick one that matches your coloring.  I suggest a foundation brush for the quickest and best way to apply the foundation. Blend well and go easy on the amount.  

*Eyelid Primer:  Evens out the eyelids by reducing redness and holds your eyeshadow for all day wear.

*Eyeliner: Defines the eye:  A creme gel liner with a brush is the longest lasting and holds in place longest.  It takes a little practice but it's worth it. Pencils are very easy to use and you can't go wrong with a black, navy, or dark brown eyeliner. 

*Eyebrow Color: Filling in your brows will give you a more youthful look.  You can use an eyebrow pencil, or an eyebrow powder.  Use one in the color closest to your your natural color or slightly darker.

* Mascara: So important as it makes your eyes look more open and defined. Apply right at the base of the lashes and and wiggle the brush to get very close to the the base of the lashes.  Black, Black/Brown or Navy mascara are all perfect.

*Powder: I like a powder compact to keep in your bag to powder your nose throughout the day and to a quick refresh if necessary. 

*Blush: Gives a healthy glow to the face and totally lights up your eyes. I suggest a pink or a peachy/pink.  They brighten you up and will make you look fresher and prettier instantly.

*Lip Pencil: Outlining your lip will make your lips more fuller and defined . It also keeps the lipstick from feathering.  Get one that blends with your preferred lipstick.

*Lipstick or Lipgloss: It balances your face and keeps your lips feeling moisturized and looking fuller.

Next Lesson we'll discuss your brush basics. 

Celebrate Mother's Day with a Kiss April 14 2016, 0 Comments

Here's my gift to all the mom's out there.  Give your mom or treat yourself to a gorgeous, new lipstick this Mother's Day. 

Shop online anytime between now through May 8th and you will enjoy 25% off all lip products. Just type in code MOM at checkout. Now's a great time to stock up on your favorites or try something new.  

Big kiss to you and mom,

Get Ready for the Change of Seasons October 29 2015, 0 Comments


If you're like me, you LOVE to try new products and colors on your face to enhance your look. There's no reason to become bored with makeup anymore now that you found my website.  NOW is the PERFECT time to shop my site.   I've expanded my line to include a wider range of colors and formulas  for ANYONE. All the products are of the finest quality ingredients and formulas. They are packaged simply to keep prices very affordable. Please tell your friends. ~  Jill  xoxo

Extra! Extra! Read all about Jill Harth or write something new. May 26 2015, 0 Comments

Here's what my clients have said about me.  I appreciate any and all feedback.  Of course, I love hearing all the POSITIVE reviews about my services as I try to do my best for each and every client, bride and customers every time.  But sometimes, as in life, things don't go perfectly.  I am willing to read anything you have to say about my services or products.  I will read it and consider it. 

Thank you all for your interest in my services and products.



It's back… FREE SHIPPING AT CHECKOUT. January 27 2015, 0 Comments

I love to shop online but hate paying shipping.  It irks me.   Postage and mailing products  out turns into a major expense but I am willing to absorb the cost to make it more attractive to place the order on

So c'mon and get shopping.  No holdbacks…FREE SHIPPING!

~ Jill

NOW FREE SHIPPING TILL THE END OF THE YEAR! November 25 2014, 0 Comments

Just in time for your holiday parties and shopping, now there is NO REASON to hesitate purchasing from Jill Harth Beauty.  

Shipping is FREE ON ALL ORDERS in the United States.


Enjoy the holidays and SHOP ON!




Summer Beauty Products I use everyday. Give them a try for yourself. All at 25% off. June 05 2014, 0 Comments

The product prices listed are already discounted 25% off of regular prices for easy Summer beauty.

MAY PROMOTION May 16 2014, 0 Comments

I've made it easy to try my products and get 20% off your total order and FREE SHIPPING through May 31st, 2014.

Just enter code MAYDAYS at checkout.  

It's time for try that new product you've been looking and or stock up on your basics. FREE SHIPPING makes it an even better time!

 As always if you don't see something you like from my line thats not on the website yet, please email me in the CONTACT section. I am working on getting them all online.

Enjoy and Happy Shopping!



Makeup Trial Tips: Some info before you go for your trial. May 10 2014, 0 Comments

 It's wedding season here with the arrival of a well deserved and long awaited Spring in the Northeast. Brides are putting the finishing touches on their weddings.  One of the best parts of getting married and having a wedding  nowadays is how commonplace it is to have your makeup professionally done.  It's one of the few times that most women focus on themselves.  All eyes will be on the beautiful, blushing bride on the wedding day.  Your makeup needs to hold up for twelve hours or more, look fresh and real in person, and of course it has to photograph beautifully. In my nearly fifteen year career as a professional Makeup Artist, I've definitely learned a thing or two about making a Bridal Makeup trial go right. And I can recognize when and why it all goes downhill 

Here's whats on my mind after a marathon of trials I've been doing recently. You can call it food for thought.

When you go for a trial, whether it's with me or another artist, it's important to have realistic expectations for yourself. I usually ask a bride-to-be to bring a photo of makeup looks she likes. I like to see the pictures as a point of communication. It's not meant to be an instruction manual for me to duplicate because any photograph I am shown is an unreal image.  So much alteration goes into creating a magazine photo.  Besides the obvious of retouching and airbrushing, professional lighting and printing perfects an image to unreal proportions. Another obvious element is difference in coloring and bone structure of a model compared to a bride/ subject/ client in my chair.  It's so much more than the same hair and eye color. An image is one dimensional.  The face in front of me is three dimensional.  Bone structure, eye type and structure, skin tone, skin surface, skin type and one's own chemistry. It all needs to be taken into consideration in creating a beautiful face and the art of makeup. Some eye shapes simply don't look good with false lashes applied.  That's the truth and the way it is.  Sometimes its better to use several coats of mascara.  Just because it's very popular and looks great when it fits some models face or your friend's doesn't mean it will look good on you. 

It's similar to perfume. One perfume does not smell the same on everybody.  One lipstick that looks good on so and so will not look the same on you.  Be flexible and open to an Artist's advice.  I work with makeup, study formulas, test and practice and have worked on thousands of faces and I am still amazed at how radically different a color will look from the tube to when its on a face. These are the little facts and details that most women don't know and I guess one wouldn't know. A true professional artist knows these facts but very few share them.  It's so much easier to choose a few different face palettes or color looks and do the same look on rotation for clients.  Not for me. That's cheating a client out of a real experience and knowledge.  This is why my trials are two hours plus.  Any less time on a makeup trial you are getting a "fast food" version.  I am letting you know the truth.  Sometimes it's true that you pay for what you get when it comes  to makeup. Sometimes you are not. Know the difference!


The bottom line about trials to me is this: Let a Makeup Artist know what you're preferences are for your wedding day look but don't be locked into it.  When I do a makeup trial and I see what a client wants is just not working on her and I know its not looking good, I tell her and change it.  Sometimes I just adapt it according to what the makeup needs to be to bring out her beauty, photograph well and be long lasting. Most times she loves it. Other times and these are the times when I know that there was no "click" between us, is when she is disappointed that I didn't make her look just like Taylor Swift, or Brooklyn Decker, or Eva Langoria, or whoever is hot that month in the media.  It's impossible to do that unless I am working on Taylor Swift, Brooklyn Decker, etc.

Some advice to a bride:  Don't fall into a cookie cutter look that's currently on trend.  Think timeless, elegant, soft, seamless. Think customized makeup that makes you look like your best you've ever looked.  Less is more, too.  Most fiancé's will agree with me, too.

Until next time...


Yours in beauty,


Jill Harth












Do ROCKERS wear a little somethin' somethin' to look good, too? March 12 2014, 0 Comments

Do they or don't they?  Let's just say they are all my idea of MADE MEN.  

Watch for our new Grooming products for men called MADE MAN ™


JEWEL EYES ~ Aquamarine is the Birthstone for March March 08 2014, 0 Comments

Wear your lucky birthstone color this month on your eyes.  I started my Jewel Eyes Collection.  Here's how to wear the eye look for March babes.

Aquamarine is a very calming blue, reminiscent of the Carribbean sea.  I find that wearing my birthstone in jewelry gives me a feeling of having a lucky day and I have feel good vibes all day from it.  So why should it be just minerals and gemstones?


I say wear these colors on your eyes.  Here is how to really rock an Aqumarine Eye look for all you March beautiful women.


First start with clean eyes and a dab of Natural Eye Primer on each eye.  It keeps eyeshadow staying on longer and keeps the color pure.

Then swipe your Aquamarine shadow all across your eyelid.  Just sweep it from the inner eye up to the crease and outward.  

Smudge the color in with your finger or a brush to let it blend in and soften a little bit.

Next apply a thin line of Coal Powderliner Pencil along lash line. Concentrate on getting it as close to the roots of the lashes as possible.  

Next comes a nice coat of black mascara.  Set brows in place or fill in with the Browblender. 


Liptoxyl Lip Sheers March 06 2014, 0 Comments

I call it March Madness.   Living in the northeast, my lips are always dry and kind of shriveled up, until I apply LipToyl Lip Sheers to my lips.  Instantly my lips look and feel larger, plumped up and moisturized and have a gorgeous sheer glisten.  I wear it over lipstick or just as a slick of gloss.  They never go on sale. Now's your chance to scoop them up and try all the colors.  Plus one of the ingredients is diamond dust, and diamonds are always a girls best friend. ~ Jill

FEEL THE LOVE this Valentine's Day with my BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE Offer! PLUS FREE SHIPPING for orders over $25. February 08 2014, 0 Comments

Valentines Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine. It's always so much fun to try on a new color lipstick or Lip-gloss and see how it changes the look of your face.  The right color will light you up!


Take advantage of my BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE offer for Lipsticks and Lipglosses.  No code required.  Your order will automatically double the order of whichever your order.  You can even mix and match to try some new colors. 

OFFER expires February 28, 2014.  

I wish you all a loving and Happy Valentine's Day.





It's Bridal Trial Season January 20 2014, 0 Comments

Doing three different makeup trials this weekend has given me a great refresher on some advice for newly engaged brides. If you are engaged from the holidays and you are having a Spring, Summer or Fall wedding now is the time to step up or even start an effective skincare system if you haven't kept up.

It's a great start to make sure your skin is in the best shape it can be for your big Wedding Day. A few very effective products can take your skin from dull, dry, broken out to smooth, hydrated and clear.

I tell nearly every bride that they need to start or step up their exfoliating regime.  It make the skin so much smoother and will make your wedding day makeup go on smooth.  The better the skin, the closer the Airbrush Makeup will adhere to the skin making for a Flawless Face.   Micro Derm Scrub from my line of skincare  does the job safely and pleasantly.  The Micro beeds are the same as used in a full Microdermabrasion treatment.  Now with my product, you can give yourself a home Microdermabrasion treatment.  

 I suggest exfoliating your skin in the morning.

~If your facial skin is oily but not broken out, I recommend using it three times a week.

~ If you have combination skin, two to three times a week, depending on how sensitive your skin is. 

~ Very dry skin needs at least two times a week.  

The key is to be very gentle.  Go easy but concentrate on making a rotating motion all around your face.  Don't forget your neck.   Then follow up with a serum and/or a moisturizer.   Of course, I recommend my Vita Firm Serum and Hydrating Night Creme.  (I use the Hydrating Night creme in the daytime, too. Disregard, the "Night" part.

Even if you don't try my Micro Derm Scrub, please don't use an exfoliating using products with nuts and seeds.  They are too large and course and can scratch, redden and irritate your skin.  Some of the so called "top selling" products may be inexpensive and popular but they are not kind to skin.


Next steps coming in my next blog. 
Stay tuned!

Wishing you love, wishing you beauty




Exciting New Colors to Brighten Up Winter Days January 17 2014, 0 Comments

Just in time to beat the Winter blues.  Get one of my new Luxury Lip Glosses or soothing new Creme Eyeshadows, Gels and Serums.  

Need help deciding what what'll look best on you, let me help decide. Just ask!

Natural Beauty by Jill Harth January 14 2014, 0 Comments

I have been doing makeup for over thirteen years professionally now. I have learned so much and had some incredible experiences all over the world and, Oh,  the stories I could tell!  But I've recently been clued in to the buzz  that I'm right up there with the best Makeup Artists to create natural beauty  and natural looking makeup in New York.  I'm the Makeup Artist to go to when you want to look gorgeous and as though you aren't wearing makeup. I am glad you like my technique, touch and products. My skincare products and Jill Harth foundations are what set me a part from other artists and i keep track of all your colors and products favorites.  Thank you all for trusting me with your precious faces on the very special days of your lives. I appreciate the time it took to write a testimonial or a kind word about me, my products and services.  I've met so many fabulous accomplished, inspirational, gorgeous women and I look forward to meeting many more from all all over the world.  I'm continuing to Keep Calm and Rock on!

Cold Weather Beauty Tricks January 07 2014, 0 Comments

Here's a great new way to moisturize. I've been recently moisturizing and hydrating my skin with this new technique.  I got turned on to the natural moisturization of Coconut Oil.  I found it in my local market.  I keep it in the shower.  I cleanse my body with Dove soap. Its simple, non- irritating and non-drying.  After I rinse,  I add a big handful of coconut oil  (it gets more solid in the shower).   I massage it all over my body and let it soak in in the steamy water.  Then step into a towel and gently towel off.  Your skin will be soft and smooth all day and night.   It's all natural and very inexpensive.  It is unscented, too. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

Buy One, Get One Free Bonus Offers January 05 2014, 0 Comments

I am currently offering a FREE Bonus Eye Shadow to you if you buy one!  This offer is good through the end of January, 2014.  Take advantage to this perfect time to stock up and make your own color wheel of eyeshadows. Variety is indeed the spice of life!

Daily Beauty Tips & Tricks January 05 2014, 0 Comments

Here in the Northeast we are in the beginning of winter. I've come to welcome and enjoy January as my time to do a beauty reboot of sorts. I have more time to rest. Sleep is key in staying healthy and looking good.

 I have more time to spend taking care of and pampering my skin and hair.

Here's one beauty regime I've been using for YEARS. I started as teenager doing it.  I love how it makes my skin look and feel. It's soothing and gets my skin ultra-clean. 

Jill Harth DETOX HomeFacial


Boil a large pot of water.  Mix in 3 tablespoons of SWISS KRISS Herbal Laxative.I buy it at my health food store or a store like Whole Foods or Fairway.  Yes, this box of herbal mix is unbeatable in drawing out impurities from the pores. Turn off heat and let simmer for a couple of minutes.

Cover your head with a towel to form a tent.   Keep your head about 8-10 inches from the hot steam and let the steam touch your face for five to ten minutes. It should be warm but not burning your skin. 

After, wash your face and use a gentle exfoliant.  After your face will feel so much cleaner and clearer. Remember, don't pick your face.  Resist the urge and think of your finger tips as poison.  Picking can cause scarring and trust me, you don't want to do that. 

If you like masks, now is the time to apply one that suits you.  I don't have a facial masque in my line as of yet but what I like to use is a golden oldie. Who hasn't tried Queen Helene Swiss Julep Mask?  Its a classic green clay mask.  It dries in about twenty minutes and further draws out and loosens clogged pores.


Try it and let me know how it works for you.  


It's a New Year! The perfect time to stock up and start with fresh beauty products. Now you can get 20% off all products. Spend $75 or more and get FREE SHIPPING, too! December 31 2013, 0 Comments

Psssst….Type in 5IL4WKUY4IKE in the Discount Code Box at Checkout to receive 20% off all Cosmetics, Skincare and Accessories.  This is the best time to stock up.  Time is of the essence so start shopping now.

Expires January 13, 2014. 

Copy and paste 5IL4WKUY4IKE



Do You Need a MAKE OVER or a MAKE UNDER? December 30 2013, 0 Comments

So many people mark the beginning of a new year with new resolutions to change something in their life.   Making a change in hair and makeup is the easiest way to change how you feel and how others perceive you.  The right makeup products and applications can:

*Make you Look 10-15 Years younger.

* Go from feeling invisible to feeling great!

* Help get you noticed at your job.  Its been proven the better you look, the more apt you are to make more money, get promoted, or get a raise.  

* Looking pulled together with hair and makeup gives you a more professional appearance.

* Even adding something as simple as the right lipstick color, or using a primer will enhance the way you look.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

One of the services I offer is designing your look by email.   Send me some photos of your usual look, and I will give you my recommendations of products that would give you the biggest bang for your buck.  Don't get stuck in a makeup rut.  The products I use and recommend are the best formulations  money can buy.  They are effective and very fairly priced, especially for the quality and customer service I offer you.

I even keep track of your photos and the products used, so it makes re-ordering very easy.

My email address is


Here's to a Happy, Healthy and beautiful New Year!

HOLIDAY MUST HAVES! December 08 2013, 0 Comments

  Here's a MUST HAVE PARTY Cosmetic Bag. Perfect for holding  Jill Harth Plumping Gloss,      compact and blush for all your holiday glamour looks. Jill Harth Bronzing Shimmer DustJill Harth Natural Flush Highlighter Compact.  


Real Life Before and Afters starting with Yours Truly... November 26 2013, 0 Comments

Here I am with not a drop of makeup.  Then's there me AFTER.  I look so much healthier, brighter and put together with the makeup. It changes how I feel for the rest of the day.  When I use the products I feel its ME TIME. It's the time spent really caring and being good to yourself. I have been using my Anti-Aging Skin care steadily for twelve years and counting. I'm 51now, (eek) now, but I'm frequently told I look t least 10 Years Younger, Isn't that what we all want at any age?  I continuously get compliments on my skin and so will you.  My Anti-Aging Skin Care Regime works. You have to make the commitment NOW for maintaining your beauty.  I truly believe women can be beautiful at any age if you make an effort to practice great skin habits all throughout your life.  I am living proof it works. Start now. There is no time like the present and if you don't take care of yourself nobody else will do it for you. ~ Jill

As If The Bahamas Weren't Beautiful Enough Already! November 14 2013, 0 Comments

Hello Ladies,


So, as if the Bahamas were not already beautiful enough, I will be here this week creating some magic with some very gorgeous women! I'll be sharing my makeup tips and secrets with them as well as my anti-aging regime. I love what I do, and would love to share this with you, too! Why not have a makeup party with your friends one night? I still have some open dates during the holiday season. I'd love to share my line with you and to get you ready for all of the festive events in the city! 


Remember that beauty is an inside job BUT makeup, Jill Harth Makeup, can help you stand out and help that inner beauty be seen from blocks away!

Enjoy your night and thank you all for the emails and comments on my new store! 

Love you all!



Bridal Makeup In New York November 06 2013, 0 Comments

Hello Dolls,

Are you looking for the perfect makeup artist for your wedding, or special event? Well, you've found me! I can create the most beautiful look for you. I am literally worked on 1000s of faces and love helping to make my bride feel and look more beautiful than they ever have before. 


Whether you are looking for a soft, romantic look or a sexy red carpet look like one of your favorite celebrities, I'm your girl! 


Feel free to contact me here to discuss your special event, or wedding. 




I just love my brides!!





Friendly greetings to all my Jill Harth Beauty Ambassadors.  I am appearing at Tribeca Salon today, November 2 and again November 8 and 9th at the tony Tribeca Salon in Great Neck on Long Island.  74 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck.  You'll be able to see, feel, touch and try my cosmetic line and skincare line yourself.  The holidays are fast approaching and its time to take your look up a notch. Plus different seasons and colder weather mean different skincare needs are necessary. I am very pro prevention and the use of effective anti-aging products NOW to reduce the need for correction LATER.   I will offer my tips, tricks and personal recommendations to you!

Come over and see me!

 Wishing you beauty, wishing you love,



Available To Do Your Makeup During The Holiday Season!! October 28 2013, 0 Comments

Hello ladies,

I've received numerous emails from you asking if I have stopped doing faces. Oh girls, absolutely NOT!! I love doing makeup and bringing out your beauty.

I am still available for bookings. The holiday party invites are going to start coming in, so book me early, and if you have a few parties in the upcoming months, don't feel bad about booking me several times, I'm will make myself available as often as possible. 

In the meantime, check out some of my gorgeous new colors for fall! These are must-haves, and also make great gifts during the holidays!! Thank you for keeping my makeup line in mind. 


Celebrity Makeup Tips and Tricks October 19 2013, 0 Comments



Over the years I have worked with countless celebrities, getting them ready for their red carpet events. I will be showcasing my secrets here in my blog. I'll tell you how to get Jennifer Aniston's natural look, Catherine Zeta Jones sultry look, and more. I'm going to let you in on some secrets that only the stars know about. Sign up for my newsletter to be sure not to miss a thing! And remember, all I have ever used on any of my celebrity clients are my own products. They looked great on them, and will look excellent on you, too! 


The New Site Launch October 11 2013, 0 Comments

I am so excited about the launch of my new site I could just scream! It has been a process, and in fact, I still have much more work to do. However, I am anxious to share this journey with all of you, as you have been so supportive and I have enjoyed working with all of you over the years. I have hundreds of items that still need to be added to my store and each day the site will be updated with new products. 
I love bringing the inner beauty out in my lovely clients and this latest expansion is truly a part of my dreams becoming reality. 
I will continue to present the best products to you. I started as a makeup artist and I have used all of these products on my celebrity clients. I swear by my products and after you use them, you will too!
Thank you for sticking with me during this expansion! 

Sneak Peek into My World October 06 2013, 0 Comments

So many exciting things to share. Fall is here and the colors are changing. I've added tons of new colors to compliment your eyes, cheeks and lips. I can never let my beautiful girls down! Sexy is in the air..................................


Fall Is Upon Us September 08 2013, 0 Comments


Here we are in September and getting ready for the upcoming Winter months. This is the time to take care of you skin and to change to a different cleanser and moisturizer. The winter months can be hard on a girl's skin (and a guy's skin too, for that matter). 


Be sure to be good to yourself, treat your self great and after washing your face at night, cover your skin in some Jill Harth moisturizer. We all want to look young forever, and this is the first step!


Here's to your beauty!




My Life as a Makeup Artist September 08 2013, 1 Comment

Hi everyone! I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since I posted on the blog but this girl has been working and living my dream life in so many ways! I always wanted my own business and I’m so grateful and happy that I’ve been able to make that dream a reality.

I wake up every morning thanking God that I get to do what I love doing and I make a living out of it.

In the past year, I’ve been to many events and have met so many wonderful people that I have to give some acknowledgement to their inspiration in my life as a working Makeup Artist.  I call it a list of some of my FAVORITE THINGS and FAVORITE PEOPLE  to work with.

I recently had the pleasure of doing a bridal party with Amanda of Stellina Events. Definitely hire her if you want to enjoy your wedding day to the max and not have to think about anything…she handles ALL OF THE DETAILS. She’s a wonderful wedding planner and keeps everything running on time so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  I did a gorgeous bombshell of a bride with Amanda and a fabulous wedding party.  If you’re considering a wedding planner, definitely check her out.  She’s out of Brooklyn, NY. I can’t wait to see photos from the sexy, va va voom bride I made up, Brunilda and her fun wedding party.  It was a great time at the hip Gansevoort Hotel on Park Ave in NYC.

I never got to tell you all that I do makeovers and special Beauty events in Nassau the Bahamas at the Crystal Palace Casino.  Each year, wonderful accomplished professional women fly in from all over the country to see me and to enjoy all the beauty of the Bahamas and are treated to a makeover by me and Enrico Ferrante…hairstylist extrordinaire.  He is so talented…easy to work with and funny, talented and just a pleasure to be around. No wonder all thee top TV personalities in NYC depend on him and don’t want to share him.  I am lucky to have him as a personal friend and I love him so much. I have women from all across the country coming to see us for guidance on how to apply their makeup and do their hair.  We did a very successful event Valentines Day and we’re doing another coming up September 28 – 3oth 2011 at the Crystal Palace Casino in Nassau, the Bahamas.  Please contact me if you have interest in coming there. It is always one of the best times and we adore all the staff at the Crystal Palace.  We work from a beautiful ocean front suite with the turqoise water view. They treat us and all their guests like stars! WE CAN’T WAIT to get there and we’re so excited to share our talent and beauty tricks with you.

Another wonderful event I was invited to be a part of is the Grace Ormonde launch party at the posh Plaza Hotel in New York City. It was a first class event all the way.  The “who’s who”  in the wedding industry were all there.  Grace, you do it right!  I was proud to be apart of your magazine and kudos to you for publishing such an elegant, classy magazine and book  featuring the best in the Wedding Industry.

I also enjoyed being at the lovely Three Village Inn in Stonybrook, New York to promote my association with Legends Hair Designs. In many ways, I got my start there as a Makeup Artist when I moved to New York from Florida back in 2000…fresh from a devastating divorce and ready for a brand new start.  I will always be grateful to Patrick for making me “part of the family.” Sharon  does my hair there now and I’m so happy with it.  She knows how to do blondes, that’s for sure… She’s so much fun to be with, very precise, and she really is into what she does.  I can feel it and I just can’t say enough good things about this shop.  There’s a lot to be said about smaller shops.  I’ve been to all the “hotsy totsy” shops in NYC and I will gladly travel nearly 50 miles to get gorgeous hair. I get my hair cut and colored and everyone is talented there. No weak links exist!  If you are in the area or live in the area and need a terrific haircut, styling, haircolor  or blowout, let me know and I’ll give you the best referral at Legends.

I cannot forget my friend John Hubela, Compact Disk DJ.  What a terrific DJ!  Many years in the biz and plays just the right music.  At this point, it really is instinctual.He knows how to set the mood at any event.  We shared a booth at the New York Magazine Show at the Metropolitan Pavillion in NYC.  It was a terrific response and a fantastic show.  If you are a bride, you should really make a point of attending the next show there.  It is first class and a pleasure to be in the building with all the beautiful brides-to-be and displays.  Aaaah….what a nice time.  I so enjoy the fantasy of wedding planning.  Who doesn’t dream of living a fairytale life? Isn’t it what we all want?

I’ve been doing Weddings and Makeup in general for over 11 years now.  Before that I produced Beauty pageants and Model searches.  I KNOW what it takes to look beautiful and I continuously strive for the very best to give to my clients.  I am always on the lookout for the best products that will give a real result. I welcome feedback and let me know what you want to know from me.  I’m inviting you to “pick my brain.”  I love to share my knowledge and insight into what is beauty and how to create it.

I’m in the process of selecting my new Fall/Winter makeup color collections.  What a pleasure it will be to wear these colors.  Did you know that colors actually give off vibrations when you wear them?  That is why you feel so much better when you have  makeup on.  I know that I feel so much better about myself and life in general when I look good….and I want to spread that easy to get joy to you. I feel invisible without makeup.  When you get older, a woman starts to lose natural coloring in her face.  That’s why you have to replace it to get the recreation of natural color.  It equals youth and beauty.  I am happy to share my passion with you as I want to empower all women in looking and feeling your best.  I feel that is my gift I can share with the world.  I truly believe that EVERYONE HAS BEAUTY IN THEM.  I want to help YOU see it and bring it out and share it with the world. I hate to see a woman knock herself and criticize herself.  You need to love yourself…and I see the beauty in everyone.  It’s my job a s a makeup artist for YOU to see it and to empower your life. When you feel good you truly can conquer any obstacle in your way.

More soon, I promose and pictures too.  It’s been such a great year.

I have so much more to share….I have been meeting so many wonderful, positive people and I want to continute to give you hints and tips and finds that I have been discovering and I want to share with you.  Please contact me if you have anything specific you’d like me to write about

Ciao everybody, and as always, I wish you love, and I wish you beauty




Let's talk RED LIPS! Oh la la!!! September 08 2013, 0 Comments

Red lips are sexy, sophisticated, chic and not for the faint of heart. They are eye-catching and they are always the focal point of your face when you wear them.  When you talk wearing a bold red mouth, people listen. You instantly become and feel more stylish. Something changes in the way you hold yourself, the way you walk and the way you feel.  Red lips are memorable. So many iconic  images of movie stars (Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor) all have the common link of a perfect red lip.  I believe every woman  can and should have a wear a red lipstick in her beauty arsenal.

This is the best time of the year to wear it. It brightens up your face if you are feeling pale from lack of sunlight (we need it!) and it can be the only cosmetic you wear (with maybe some Lush Black Mascara)  and you can walk out the door to conquer your job, get in the mood for that blind date you’re dreading, present your case or make yourself feel like the desirable feminine creature you know you are.

I like to wear my favorite reds from new new Fall and Holiday with minimal color on my eyes.  Light cream colored shadows, maybe a touch of a soft brown or dove grey for a soft, smoky eye effect,  nude cheeks and my favorite reds. Add black eyeliner for extra glamour.

Red Carpet Red, Casablanca, Scarlett, and Smitten are my bestselling and most wearable reds that look great on a full range of skin colors.  They’re my personal favorites, too.  I love the reaction from men when I wear them and the stories my clients tell me when they wear it for the first time.

Order yours now!  They’ve been selling so fast! . Each little confidence booster in a tube is only $20.  It gives you the beauty “fix” you crave and power you didn’t know you had.



Spray Tanning, yes or no? I say YES!! September 08 2013, 0 Comments

I did a very soft, sultry yet sexy airbrush makeup makeup on Ford model Jordan.  If you love the loook of a tan but not the sun damage that goes along with tanning, Suvara Spray tans are the way to go. I like the look for brides and those of us who love a bronzy glow.


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