Makeup Brushes

Having the right Brushes and Tools make all the difference in applying your makeup the right way.  I put together the best tools at an affordable price for you.   I use these very same tools in my personal and professional makeup kits. I have every brush needed to fill a professional makeup artist's kit or a few basics.

The makeup brushes I sell are made from a variety of different bristles.Most are made from Red Sable, Taklon, Italian badger, Boar, Sable Blend, Mink and assorted natural and synthetic blends.  

All the brushes I sell are 100% Animal Cruelty Free. Absolutely no animals are harmed or destroyed for the purpose of making the brushes. 

For daily or weekly maintainence of your brushes, I recommend spraying them with my Instant Brush Cleaner. To clean, spray a paper towel and wipe the color out of the brushes.  A few quick swipes weekly will keep your brushes sanitized and in good shape.  For a really deep cleaning, I recommend shampooing the brushes with mild hair shampoo or soap and warm water.  Rinse thoroughly.  Dry with a towel and then place the bristles hanging downward so the water doesn't penetrate the wooden handle. (or you can have them hang off the side of your bathroom counter).  If that happens it will loosen the bristles and the brush may start to shed.   In a pinch, you can also dry them with a blow dryer.   ~ JIll 


PS. Are you a professional makeup artist?  Ask me about the Pro Discount program.