Public Service Announcement

JIll Harth

Everybody needs a professional headshot. In today's world of social media and the competitive nature of business and life in general, image is everything.Whether we like it or not, it's the way it is. I cannot fathom why people would post such God awful shots of themselves on LinkedIn, or other professional items and websites and even for and other dating sites. I took a good look at some of the dating profile websites and have been on LinkedIn. Even Facebook photos out there and many of the people I saw on there (Men and Women, but mostly the men) looked like this:

~ Nut Jobs ~ Why would they have a woman in the photo with them? Why would they ever post that embarrassing picture?

~ Serial Killers ~ downright creepy and scary looking ~ photo good for America's Most Wanted.

~ Hot Messes ~ Why oh why would they wear that horrible
outfit? Or wear that hairstyle? Or lipstick color?

~ Filtered to Death ~ Are they human or an Alien?

~ YGADS!!!

Take a good, hard and honest look at the photos you presenting to the world. If you think your photo could possibly form any of these impressions to anyone, then PLEASE call me. I believe all people are good looking and I play up their best features and present that. I know the tricks on what to wear and ways to loosen you up so you don't freeze up in front of the camera. Whether it's for social media or for more professional or glamour photos, you need to look your best. Plus, I know the best photographers to do the job. It can change your life.

Your image is too valuable not to invest in professional photos.

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