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I've been a New York City Makeup Artist based in New York City for nearly nineteen years now. Prior to that I was an International Pageant Director and immersed in the world of producing modeling competitions in Las Vegas, Hollywood, Atlantic City, The Bahamas, Dallas, another glamourous cities.  I've worked with beautiful women for most of my life now and have been with them on some of the most special days of their lives.  The occasions are happy ones and that's why I love what I do. I was backstage and in and out of the dressing rooms for hundreds of pageants, fashion shows and photoshoots for models. Everyone has the same issues getting ready.  Helping excited and slightly stressed women of all ages getting ready has become second nature to me.

 One of the services I often do  for my client after I finish perfecting the makeup is to help her get dressed.  Sometimes she's alone and as any woman knows, zippering yourself up in an elaborate gown or skintight outfit is next to impossible.  Especially if you are wearing Spanx or some equally tight, uncomfortable undies.  When you are rushing around to get to your event on time many things can pop up that could really throw off your timing.  The last thing you want is to be frazzled. So here's few tips to keep in mind when you have a special event coming up.


!) Always, always, always allow more time than you think you'll need to get dressed.  Time flies when you are getting ready.  What starts out easy and relaxed can quickly change into a nerve-wracking experience.   Allow at least an hour more than you think you'll need, just in case.  I see it all too often. Everything starts out on track and then You Are Late.  Things happen: nails chip, hosiery can rip, heels pop off, straps break or you misplace your jewelry.  Extra time will keep you on track if trouble arises. 

2) Try on your dress with all the appropriate undergarments and accessories to make sure everything fits properly, clasps properly and looks good.  If you purchase a dress wearing no bra the dress will fit differently if you wear a bra on the day of.  Tricky clasps can really slow everything down. Do as much pre-event preparation to make sure that you don't run into any snafus when you're supposed to be leaving for your party. 

3) Allow time for "getting ready" photos.  Half the fun is getting ready for an event, It's supposed to be anyway.  If you can have someone (or hire me!) who's patient, positive and supportive around who can help you commemorate the special happy times in your life. Make sure you stay hydrated and eat a little something as you get ready.  

 4) Wear your shoes around your home or on the sidewalk to scuff the bottoms up a bit and down the soles.  New shoes can be slippery and dangerous.  Practice walking in them in the outfit you're wearing.  It really makes a difference in your confidence.  Practice posing and standing in them, too.  

After you are dressed and out the door, don't fuss anymore.  The best accessory you can wear is a big smile and a few spritz's of your favorite perfume.  

Wishing you beauty, wishing you love!  

xo Jill 



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