Facebook Makeup Kit: The NUDE BOOK
Facebook Makeup Kit: The NUDE BOOK
Facebook Makeup Kit: The NUDE BOOK
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Facebook Makeup Kit: The NUDE BOOK

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"The Nude" is a limited edition face makeup kit. It is a perfectly curated color cosmetics collection of 6 Eyeshadows in matte, satin and super frost textures. There are 2 Powder Blushes, 1 Highlighter for Cheeks and 1 Contour Powder to sculpt your face. Use the contour under cheekbones, neckline and around temples and hairline.  It has a small mirror for a quick peak.  All of the makeup colors are neutral, meaning not cool and not warmed toned.  This kit is ideal for the woman who wants to look naturally beautiful.

You can also use the eyeshadow colors as an eyebrow filler, a hair root quick fill in, and if you're creative, you can combine colors to make your own unique looks.  You just need to change your beauty tools.  Eyeliner brushes ( used wet or dry), Eyebrow fill in brush, contour and blush and bronzer brushes will have your face looking like a professional makeup artist did your face.  (If you want instruction on how to use the kit to it's fullest, contact me and I'll do a quick lesson for you!) 

Every color is immensely wearable so you will use all the colors without waste.  If you were to purchase each shadow and blush separately it would be $175 so this is an absolute Beauty Bargain!

It folds up to stay clean and handy.  Any of the colors can be worn wet or dry.  You’ll enjoy wearing every color in this luxurious yet practical way to makeup your face. ~ Jill 

Pro Tip: (This kit will travel better when carefully kept in the protective box cover it comes with. Dropping the kit or bouncing it around will damage it and break the color pans, so keep this in mind, best to stash it in your desk or your makeup drawer for home use in my opinion.) ~ Jill xo. 

Cruelty Free- Gluten Free ~Paraben Free. Pan Refills are available, too. 

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