Angle Foundation Brush   (C315B)
Angle Foundation Brush   (C315B)
Angle Foundation Brush   (C315B)
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Angle Foundation Brush (C315B)

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A Taklon foundation brush is an indispensable makeup brush to have. Use it to apply creams, primers, foundation and concealers.   It eliminates waste of product and it’s easy to blend any product into the face, neck and under the eyes for a very smooth even application.  It's perfect to blend out a makeup smudge and to soften your makeup look if you've applied too much. It's got a 2 and a quarter inch brush handle making it easy to travel with and to keep in your purse.  It fits very comfortably in your hand.  

 I recommend it for everyone to get a professionally applied natural look. You'll use it all the time.  At this price get a couple as it's a special buy and I'm passing the savings on to you.  These brushes always sell out quickly. ~ JIll xo 

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