Black/Brown Sensitive Mascara
Black/Brown Sensitive Mascara
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Black/Brown Sensitive Mascara

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Sensitive Black/Brown mascara is very gentle, fragrance-free, and non-irritating to your eyes. It is perfect for contact lens wearers. It's gentle formula creates natural-looking lashes, but it's buildable for more dramatic eyes. Water-soluble formula removes easily without excess rubbing.

Sensitive Black/Brown is a very dark brown, almost black color. Eye doctors recommend my Sensitive line of mascaras to patients.  Sensitive Mascara's come in Black, Black/Brown and Navy.

Eye safety hint:  It's best to discard a mascara after three months of use to eliminate the risk of bacterial eye infections. Keep mascara tightly closed and keep away from heat. It's especially important for sensitive eyes.  The newly reduced price makes it easily affordable to replace. Don't risk endlessly trying the drugstore brands. This is a classically great mascara and continues to be a  best seller in my line.  ~ Jill

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