Hydrating Toner
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Hydrating Toner

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Hydrating Toner is part of my outstanding and best selling Hydrating Skincare collection.  It's especially formulated for dry, dehydrated skin types. All Hydrating Skincare choices moisturize, comfort, and soften dull, dry skin. Natural extracts and oils work synergistically with advanced technology to satire and soothe dryings with lumping hydration.  Your skin will be visibly smoother, softer and healthier looking.  Who doesn't want their skin to look like that?

Hydrating Toner is an alcohol free freshener to hydrate and nourish dry skin, as it gently tones and refuses. It will help soften and contain your skin, as it sweeps away any makeup and impurities. 

Use cotton swap to gently run across your forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and neck area.  I also suggest applying it to your décolletage. ~ Jill 

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