Why Wearing Makeup is Important for Self Care

JIll Harth

I've met a lot of women in my life. When you go through the usual oh what do you do for a living and I tell them I am a professional makeup artist and that I have a line of cosmetics and skincare, a familiar line I hear is:  "Oh, I NEVER wear makeup."  Like somehow NOT wearing makeup has become a badge of honor for them or that they are too busy, stoic and selfless to bother with something so self absorbed and frivolous.  I say, don't knock it till you try it. Wearing or not wearing makeup is a personal choice and an interest, of course, and I never force anyone into it.  Many salespeople sell by pointing out flaws on a person's face.  That's not my style. But if you are one of those women who think there is something wrong with wearing makeup, you're missing out on an affordable luxury that can really make you and your life more joyful.  You'll never know how good or much better you can feel with wearing something on your face. There is a product for everyone that can enhance their life if they are open to trying. It is worth finding the right product that can do it for you.  It's really ok...it's not a weakness... it's a little luxury in your day that in the grand scheme of things is very inexpensive and enhances your day to day life.  

Here are my thoughts about what makeup does for a person, whether it's a young girl, an older woman or even a man.  The right makeup product can make you FEEL BETTER about yourself.    It just does.  For me personally, the ten or fifteen minutes a day I spend putting on my makeup is the only time in the day where I feel like I am doing something for myself. It makes me feel comforted and pampered. It's a ritual that's taken place by women (and some men) for centuries after all. All it takes is one product to give you that little boost to make you feel good about yourself.  It could be a boost of darkening and lengthening your lashes with the right mascara to enhance your eyes. It could be a swipe of lipstick or gloss to enhance your mouth that'll whiten your teeth and make you want to smile more.    It could be a dab of blush, or bronzer to brighten you up and light up your eyes.  I've seen people come to life and light up the room when they use a few of their favorite products.  I've seen the transformation for myself when I do makeup on people and when I teach them how to use the right product I give them from my line.  The mood lift is sometimes as instantaneous as that morning cup of coffee without the caffeine.  It's why I keep doing what I do.   I like making people feel good.  It gives them joy and it makes me happy to to see it. If you think it's too frivolous, well, that's fine with me.  

Wishing you many days filled with joy,

JIll Harth

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