These are my Best Products for Dry Skin, Dry Lips, and for the Eye area.

Dry skin needs more consistent care. The key to having your skin look and feel soft and smooth is layering your products.  It starts with how and what you cleanse your skin with and how often. Soap is too drying for facial skin.  My serums and primers and eye creams and moisturizers are all your helpers in keeping your skin moist and healthy looking.  Balanced skin is younger looking.  You need to keep your skin moisturized even if you wear makeup because makeup doesn't stay on if your skin is dry.  It also doesn't lay right on the face.  It's all about balance and using the most effective products that will do the job.  

All products are made in the USA.  They are made of the highest quality ingredients and they work.  I don't use or sell anything that I don't stake my reputation on. They are priced affordably.  

The products in this collection are time tested and have proven to be very effective in making skin look and stay looking young.  I have many clients who have been using my products for over 20 years, including myself !  We get compliments on our skin and you will, too! ~ Jill Harth. I am here to help you choose.  Call or text or email me with any questions you have.  Phone: 917-779-8928. Email: