Dual Action Makeup Remover
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Dual Action Makeup Remover

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Dual Action Makeup Remover is a star product. It’s a high quality oil -and-water formula that is especially effective on stubborn mascara and long-lasting lipstick. It gently and easily removes makeup in one swipe with very little product. You could even use it all over your face and neck to remove stubborn makeup.  Use with all natural cotton pads. Shake the bottle well to combine ingredients before use. What is best about it is that it leaves skin makeup-free and comfortable. It's fresh and gentle and non-greasy. The bottle will last you a long time  

Hints & Tips:  You can also use a dab of this over eyeliner to set it or to mix with eyeliner in a pot. Use it at night before bedtime, especially when you have eye makeup which must be removed every night. 

You only need a little bit to remove eye makeup and is very economical and non-irritating.  Safe for contact lenses wearers, too.  ~ Jill

Cruelty Free Beauty Product ~ Great for All Skin Types

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