Eyeshadows come in different textures and colors.  Matte and neutrals are the standard classic colors that are flattering and safe to wear on any eyeshape or coloring. Toasts, Nude, Creams, Taupes, Browns, Grays, Black and White eyeshadows are all neutral eyeshadow colors.  

Smokey eyes can be created with any dark shade of eyeshadow.  

Near the eyebrows and inner corners of the eyes is where you want to apply the lightest pearlescent, icy colors, frosty shadows and shimmers.  The Lightest  eyeshadow colors are all excellent and recommended to use in these areas. I have them in  easy to apply eye crayons, shimmer pots, and mineral eyeshadows pans. 

Brighter color eyeshadows look best on the eyelids. Blues, purples, lilacs, greens, pinks, coppers, rusts, gold all look amazing on eyelids! 

Have fun playing with eye shadow colors. Mix and match and play.  Use different colors for different moods and to flatter different wardrobe color schemes.  It's great to have your quick basic "go to look" but don't get stuck in a beauty rut.  Eyes are where you can really create drama and intricacy in your makeup.   Nothing lights up your eyes and face  like well applied eyeshadow that open, she and flatter your eyes.  ~ Jill Harth xo