Ardell® Professional Natural Eyelashes #110
Ardell® Professional Natural Eyelashes #110

Ardell® Professional Natural Eyelashes #110

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Ardell® #110 Natural Eyelashes are the false eyelashes I most frequently apply to myself and clients. They are lightweight and natural looking.  They are fairly easy to apply and will become easier with practice.  They add an extra layer of lash to your own lashes for a thicker, lusher lash look.  They will open up the eyes by making your eyes look bigger and therefore, younger looking.   Once you apply the lashes, (directions on the back of the package) I recommend using an eyelash curler to meld your lashes together and further giving a more open eye.   You can add mascara when the eyelash glue is fully dried and after curling. 

These eyelashes can be reused several times.  Remove excess glue after wearing them and place back in the package to keep their shape.  

Jill's Pro Tip to Remove the Lashes:  Use a creamy cleanser on the eyelashes to soften the area and the eyelash glue. Then, carefully peel off eyelashes from the outer corner in.   

If the eyelashes start losing their shape or hairs are sticking up or missing, it's time to get a new pair.  ~ JIll xo

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