Lip Lock Lipstick Sealer
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Lip Lock Lipstick Sealer

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If you have the type of lip chemistry that don't seem to hold lip color long enough, my Lip Lock Sealant will do the job.  One swipe with the brush will elongate the wear time of any forms of lipstick.  It creates a strong hold and keeps color true and in place.  I recommend it for brides, if you are going to an event or just don't like touching up your lip color during the day or night.   Contains alcohol.  It's a pro makeup artist product trick.  ~ Jill 

Note: It can dull lip gloss's shine a bit. 


 Use gloss OVER this product.  Pssst.  In this time of wearing a mask, it will keep your lipstick on your lips, not on the mask.  

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