Shadow Base Primer
Shadow Base Primer
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Shadow Base Primer

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It’s all about the base. Begin each look with a thin layer of Shadow Base to ensure longer-lasting crease proof wear. A little dab on each eye will make a great first layer on your eyes to grab hold of your eye shadow and keep it going strong much longer than if you didn't use it.  All it takes is an extra second or two to apply for extra hours of continuous wear and color.  To me this is a beauty no brainer and should be in every makeup kit. ~ Jill


The Shadow base is a transparent eye primer that glides onto the delicate eye skin creating the perfect canvas to help keep concealer and eye color locked in place and give crease-proof coverage. This lightweight primer's unique polymer system helps to make the concealer and shadow extend the wear.

Eye Base eliminates the heavy, cakey appearance of some eye shadow formulas. It locks concealer into place, too, ensuring all day wear.

Prevents eye makeup from settling into fines lines and creases.

Contains Vitamin C and E to conditions lids while helping to provide protection against environmental aggressors. 


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