Jill Harth, NYC Based Pro Makeup Artist, Founder of Jill Harth Beauty Cosmetics & Skincare

Welcome and thank you for visiting me. Here are the products that I proudly sell. They keep my clients looking glowy, radiant, healthy, and naturally beautiful. I keep it current and on trend. Whether you want to wear your makeup natural, glamorous, dramatic or somewhere in between, my line has something for everyone.  Just wearing them will make you feel better. They are formulated with the most advanced ingredients available in the beauty field. They are GLUTEN FREE, PARABEN FREE, /CRUELTY FREE. They are high quality and professional quality meaning they are safe for skin and eyes, they hold up for long wear and photograph well.  They're what I use in my professional kit and the only products I ever wear and let my friends and family wear.  They are cosmetics that also care for and protect the skin. The packaging is simpler with clean lines and minimal packaging waste. It's not as fancy but clean and elegant which is why I can offer these products to you at this fantastic price point.  It's all in the quality ingredients and formulas and not in gimmicky expensive packaging.  You'll be getting exceptionally high quality product dupes that surpass Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, MAC, Dior, Yves San Laurent, NARS, CLINIQUE, and other expensive lines in the department and cosmetic boutiques only at a much better price. 

Your beauty is my business.

 Jill Harth



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