Why I do what I do...in my own words.


I'm skilled in enhancing every one's unique beauty.  I am grateful to get to do what I love. The testimonials from my clients and customers who rely on me to keep them up-to-date in skincare and makeup mean so much to me.

My love of makeup came early in life. My mother tells me that she used to wheel me around in the supermarket cart and be embarrassed when I'd point at the ladies on line and tell them they need “yipstick.  I guess I had the eye for beauty even then.  
But first I had to hone my skills on myself. I grew up on Long Island, New York.  At eleven years old, I developed a terrible case of acne. It made me horribly self conscious and introverted. My understanding parents took me to the best doctors they could afford to try the latest treatments for acne, but nothing seemed to work. I was (and still am) a very sensitive soul, and I was devastated that I was seemingly the only kid in school that suffered severe breakouts.  Some days I was so withdrawn and embarrassed that I refused to go to school to face the inevitable teasing from the boys and the popular girls. During that time I started to read on my own and find out why my skin was breaking out. I also started to experiment to try to hide the breakouts enough togo to school. In the 1970’s, the makeup wasn’t very sophisticated and I was stuck with what little offerings I could find at the local drugstore.  I poured over the ingredients list to find a cure or magic ingredient to no avail.  So I started to make my own home remedies and formulas.  Guess what?  I became quite an expert in making my face look clear.  I studied and duplicated the looks I saw in the glamourous movie magazines and on television on myself.  I started to really observe what made people look good and saw that EVERYONE had good features that can be played up.  I started to see that makeup could transform me from looking in my mind, hideous, to rather attractive. On some days, I actually looked and felt pretty. What a change it was for me.  It changed me more in the inside than it did on the outside. It gave me empathy. 

Then I started practicing my technique. Later on in junior high, I volunteered to do makeup for the school plays. Pretty soon I had everyone lining up to get their makeup done with the little fishing tackle box I had assembled with the few spare cosmetics and powder puffs I had.  I knew then that I didn’t want to do the whole cast in a hurry, I only wanted to do the main stars of the show and do their makeup to perfection.  The teacher always scolded me for taking so long on each person, so I quit.

At 13, I went to Barbizon Modeling school that further developed my self confidence and taught me a real technique in how to do make up for the camera.  I modeled and learned more about how lighting, and great photography combined with great makeup can hide the features I hated (my blemished skin) and play up my good features, my cheekbones and eyes.

Right after high school I went on an unbelievable life journey that led me to become an International Pageant Director of the American Dream Calendar Girl Pageant. For over eighteen years,  I was an important part of changing thousands of young women's lives through modeling competitions throughout the United States and Internationally.  I produced shows that were televised and were full blown productions with lavish stage numbers.  Besides coordinating the events and directing and working with the contestants, I also co-hosted many of the shows. I worked at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angels, The Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas, the Bahamas, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Turks & Caicos, and Atlantic City working with Donald Trump.  Believe me, after working with gorgeous young women and pageant producers from around the globe, its given me a very unique perspective and ease thats transferred beautifully into owning my beauty & events company, Beauty & Grace, Inc. I have been a judge and model scout for the Miss USA Pageant, Miss Georgia USA, the HawaiianTropic Pageant, and countless model searches. I've apprenticed as a Makeup Artist and worked with famed photographers Dick Zimmerman and Pompeo Posar.  So you see, I have quite a history in many sides of the "Beauty Business."  I enjoy sharing my artistry and expertise with others. 

In retrospect, those years were crucial in developing my eye as a makeup artist.  I still remember how it felt to feel unattractive and invisible.

Now I've developed and fine tuned the skills I have now. Its exciting for me to have the  power to create and transform someone.  My life is devoted to share my knowledge, my talent and vision to others who want it.  I still want each and everyone who sits in my makeup chair to look as beautiful as possible every time.  I want everyone I touch to feel beautiful and special.  I put together a line of skincare of cosmetics that are effective, affordable and a pleasure to use.

So you see, I still love to do the stars; celebrities, models, television personalities are regulars in my chair. But now it’s YOUR turn to be the star of your life.  Contact me  ~ Jill Harth

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