Waterproof Lip Liners Gel Pencils


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My new Waterproof Lip Liners Gel Pencils are truly outstanding!  They are go on smoothly and stay on and on.  The colors are right on target for the colors you want and need on your lips.  

Cinnamon Sugar - Most neutral like a spice color.  It can be worn with ANY lip color. It has a teeny bit of frost to it which makes it really pretty on. 

Buff -  Warm toned and light. Works well with nudes and neutrals and corals.  

Invisible - Has absolutely no color!  It's purpose is to form a barrier around the lip line so your lipstick/gloss does not feather beyond the barrier.  A little pro tip that works.  Use if you aren't skilled with using colored lip liner. 

Ballet - Light pale pink.  It's great for nudes, neutrals and pink toned lip colors. 

Plum Wine -  the name describes it best! works well with blue red based lip colors.  

Naked - Brown/ Beige and matte color works well with any color lips but especially nudes, bronzes and pinks. 

Bordeaux - Deep, rich red wine color. works well with Burgundy, reds and plum lip colors. 

Melon - coral toned lip liner.  Works with peachy, neutrals, bronze and orange toned lip colors. 

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