Natural Looking Faux Eyelash Strips


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"My Lash Strips are so light and real looking.  You'll hardly know they are on.  I use these for most professional makeup applications because they are very natural looking yet they add length and volume to your own lashes." ~ Jill

Application Tips:  I recommend a dab of DUO Lash Glue in Dark tone.  Let the glue get a little bit sticky, then apply with a bare tipped Q-tip to the strip of your lashes.  Apply to the root of your lashes.  

Let dry a few minutes, then use an Eyelash Curler for extra lift.  It will make the lashes feel more comfortable and will open your eyes wider.  You can add mascara to them for extra volume and darkness but if you do go easy on.

Note:  Measure the lash to your lids first.  If the lash strips are to long, trim with a pair of manicure scissors from the outer edges.


Package contains two eyelashes (one set)

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