Vitamin C Serum


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Massage just a couple of drops of of my Vitamin C Smoothing Serum and it'll improve and soothe even the most sensitive of complexions. It packs a powerful potency of Vitamin C, too.

Vitamin C Smoothing Serum stimulates collagen production, brightens and improves radiance.  Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant, protects skin against free radicals and premature aging. My Vitamin C formula is gentle but very potent and effective.  Use a small amount nightly to start and then you can add a few drops to your morning routine. Alternate it as needed to switch up your routine when your skin feels soft and hydrated.  Vitamin C Serum is a BIG GUN product to combat the affects of aging. It starts to work to repair and beautify your skin right away.  If you want younger, healthier looking skin as quickly as possible,  this is the product for you.   ~ Jill xoxo


More facts: Oil Free. Paraben Free

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