Jill Harth Beauty to give 7% of all profits from product sales to Fight for Women's Civil Rights

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Some of you may have come to website to support me from my plight with the new President, Donald Trump. TO those who have posted comments and support to me, I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.  It has fuelled my ability to continue to move on from the ordeal.

To those who aren't aware: Briefly put, I filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump or sexual assault and sexual harassment  in 1997. It was filed in New York. Ultimately, I pulled the complaint as a condition to settle a breach of contract lawsuit that my employer had against Donald Trump and the Trump Organization. I didn't want to back then but I had to.  I was worn down emotionally from the stress of all the damage created from knowing and working with man.I wasn't in good financial shape or independent, either.

But last February, 2016   it was uncovered and posted online by Lawnewz.com. It was a nightmare for me.  I felt violated and a painful thing for me personally because I had never told most people about it.  I had to keep moving forward with my life post divorce in 1998. To a large extent, I buried deep in my psyche what had happened to me with Trump when I worked with him as an event producer for a company called American Dream Enterprises based in Boca Raton, Florida  in 1992.  My personality type is that I strive to look at the good in every situation, it not at first or during the event that's happening but definitely afterwards. I'm also a forgiving person and I thought people had the ability to change.  In a nutshell, I forgave him and decided to move on.  Naively, I thought Trump was that type of person too.  After all, I thought we had both moved on and considered him to be on friendly terms with me as he had settled the breach of contract suit.  He repeatedly extended the olive branch afterwards.  Then comes March, 2016.  He speaks to the papers and press and immediately accuses me of lying about all my claims.  I did not.  He just said what he did to protect his own hide and campaign.  Trump or his minions never for one minute thought what the impact his falsehoods would affect me, nor did he care. So, I did various interviews to defend myself.  I received some great love and support through emails, comments, social media and other outlets for doing it, but also an intense amount of hate filled diatribes. Damage has occurred to me in many ways. 

So, why I am telling you this?  After all this and what I've gone through I am forever changed.  So here's what I want to do to help others who want to fight back and stick up for themselves who don't have the funds or support to do it.  I am going to donate 7% of the profits off all my product sales to various Go Fund Me sites to defend the rights of women in situations as I've face. Right now it's not a lot, but every little bit helps. The more products I sell, the more I can give back.  

If you read this all to the end, THANK YOU.  

Please feel free to contact me directly to share your story or any questions about products, too.  

Wishing you all love, light, and strength. 

JIll Harth



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