Why are More Expensive Cosmetics better?

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A very common question I’m sure every beauty consumer has is:  Are more expensive, specialty brand makeup really better than makeup you can buy in drug stores? Why are the costlier products better? Definitely I say, yes!  Here’s why:  better formulas and higher quality ingredients make for longer lasting wear time. Higher Quality and costlier ingredients are used in better cosmetic lab ingredients that are often better for the skin and makes the makeup apply easier and it'll achieve professional results.  Also, the packaging plays an important part.  More expensive makeup comes in better packaging that holds the products better to protect from breakage and keeps the products fresher.  Ito me, it’s got to look good and feel good in my hand and be easy to open.  I love the feel of sleek packaging in my hands. It’s my self care time and I also feel so glamourous and luxurious applying great makeup. It makes spending the time doing your makeup a very luxurious and pleasant part of your day. Makeup lasts a long time and it is something you should be good to yourself with.  
Definitely splurge on the higher priced eyeshadows, eyeliners, concealers, foundations and powders.  The colors will have more pigment, better staying power and will be easier to blend and feel so smooth going on. If you go through the time to put your makeup on, you want it to stay on, right?  I know I do.  My products meet all the criteria at a very affordable price.  I call it affordable luxury. 

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